Sheffield Regeneration Project

Firshill Road and Passhouses Road, Sheffield

Introducing the street

Firshill Road and Passhouses Road are set within the regeneration area of Burngreave in the East of Sheffield. Residents have concerns about inappropriate traffic speeds and being used as a rat run by non-residents. A further issue is the lack of greenery on Passhouses Road which unlike Firshill, has no trees or greenery.

Facts and background:

  • Capital (build and materials) cost – £70,000
  • Type – Terraced Edwardian housing
  • No. of dwellings – 15 properties on passhouses, 41 properties on Firshill
  • Length of street – 106 Metres Passhouses, 175 Metres Firshill
  • Project partnership between – Sustrans, Sheffield City Council and the residents of Firshill and Passhouses roads.
  • Funded by – Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Sheffield City Council


Project kick off: October

Design process: February  – November
Construction: December  – March
Project end date: March

Streets traffic issues:

  • Speeding traffic
  • Being used as a rat run/ cut through
  • Lack of greenery on Passhouses Road
  • Cars for sale being parked down the end of Firshill road aggravating some of the residents with how many spaces they are taking up

Solutions found:

  • Planters and a tree have been added to Passhouses Road which add colour to the street and help to soften the grey tarmac. These planters also act as pinch points, narrowing the street to slow traffic down whilst navigating around them.
  • Build-outs have been added which narrow the streets width causing drivers to reduce their speed whilst they navigate around them.
  • A very large planter has also been placed at the very end of Firshill Road where car sales previously took place. With this planter now in place, there is no room for them.

Firshill and Passhouses key evaluation results coming soon!